Sewer and Drain Repair in Aurora

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Sewer and drain problems are inevitable over time. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to avoid problems before they become serious issues. For example, you should not flush anything down your toilet other than toilet paper; even excessive flushing of toilet paper can cause clogs in your line. If you do encounter any problems, contact us for help right away. We serve residents throughout Aurora and surrounding areas.

What Causes Sewer and Drain Damage?

Tree roots often contribute to sewer and drain clogs. They try to find fresh water sources and can creep into your pipes through small cracks or openings. Other causes of damage include extreme temperature changes, misalignment in your pipes from shifting ground, and old or naturally deteriorating sewer and drain systems.

How are Sewers and Drains Repaired?

The first thing to do is to figure out the cause of the problem through inspection. Our technician will use a video pipe inspection to locate and identify damages within your pipes without having to excavate or interrupt the land around your property.

If the problem is small, it can be repaired. A clog can also simply be cleared away, using either a drain snake or hydrojetting. These safe, effective drain cleaning methods do not use harsh chemicals on your pipes and will help your system stay clear for longer.

There is also the trenchless sewer repair method that is much more cost effective than the invasive method of digging up your yard. The non-invasive trenchless repair method only uses two points of access as a new replacement pipe is pulled through your existing sewer line.

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