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Here is some of the plumbing services we provide in King:

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Looking for plumbers committed to quality repairs and installations? Remodeling? Call (705)7335154 for immediate assistance in King City, ON. We are the kitchen and bath experts

Need help with your water heater, drain cleaning, or sewer line replacement? We provide these services and more! You’ll find our trucks serving King City and surrounding areas.

Service benefits:

  • Save on repairs and installations with upfront pricing

  • Immediate service with 24/7 emergency assistance

  • Decreased risk of problems with a comprehensive maintenance plan

  • Improved plumbing system with guaranteed service

What are Common Plumbing Problems to Look Out For?

Below are some of the more common plumbing issues we handle for our customers.

Low water pressure: You may notice low water pressure when turning on your faucet. Check if the hot or cold water is being affected. If you find that both are being affected by low water pressure, the problem lies in the aerator. Calcium deposits slowly build up in the aerator, causing a decrease in water pressure. We can easily clear out a blocked aerator—we will remove the unit, clean out any debris or build up, and re-install the aerator for you.

Running toilet: A running toilet is caused by several factors. Once we diagnose the problem, we will can perform the best method of repair. We may need to replace the toilet fill valve, flapper, or a leaky flush valve.

Jammed garbage disposal: An inefficient garbage disposal can cause your sink to back up. They can also contribute to drain clogs. We will help you repair or replace your current unit to make sure your food items are properly shredded, freeing up your trash can from additional waste.

Do You Handle Plumbing Emergencies?

Yes! We provide 24-hour support for urgent problems, including burst pipes, water heater leaks, and sewer line back up. Plumbing emergencies that are time-sensitive and cannot wait for scheduled service will require immediate attention. You will always receive live help when you call our office, no matter the time of day or night.

Our King City plumbing service is here for you. Our emergency plumbing service in King City is best. Our plumbing contractors in king City can reach you in 30 min. If your drains arn't working properly or you need a dishwasher installed in King City call us for all your plumbing needs in king City. We install water Heater in king city aswell. If you need a plumber in King City or a plumbing contractor in king City call us. Residential plumbing in King city or commercial plumbing in King city were her for you.


Whether you live in King City or Bolton M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing is always at your service to ensure that your plumbing systems are in perfect working order.

M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing can perform many services in King city, such as tankless water heater installation King City. Our rooter King City can be at your place on a moment’s notice if something goes wrong with your home’s plumbing. You can also schedule an inspection if you’ve just moved into a new home and want to be sure that everything is OK with your plumbing. Call (705)7335154Now!

King City plumbing needs frequent care, and who better to do it than M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing? Our finely trained plumbers can track down any leak from anywhere in your building. Enjoy the skilled and effective handiwork and leak detection King City deserves by calling us next time your pipes leak!

If a pipe is the cause of the problem, we will perform the needed pipe repair to stop the leak. Sometimes, faucets can develop leaks too. Our faucet repair experts will ensure that the water flows evenly from your faucets, with no leaks. Our plumbers are also expert drain cleaners, unclogging even the most stubbornly clogged drains for you. Drain cleaning King City residents trust is a service we’ve been proud to provide since 1999.

Kitchen appliances that use water and gas can sometimes become a problem when they stop functioning. We can do dishwasher repair, as well as gas line repair to get you back up and running. We even do gas line installation so that you can use your gas-powered appliances, like dryers and oven, even if the gas lines weren’t already installed in your home.

One very useful service we provide is tankless water heater installation. When you call us for hot water heater installation, you can be sure that you will get hot water whenever you need it at home. If your water heater is malfunctioning, count on our 24 hour emergency plumber to do hot water heater repair. He can also install a water pressure regulator, or install sprinkler systems.

Services provided by a 24 hour emergency plumber include trenchless sewer repair, plus sewer line repair. Any problems with clogged sewer lines can be resolved with oursewer line repair King City.

For our business clients, we offer commercial plumbing services King City. Our commercial plumber will perform any work needed on your property, like installing or replacing an old drain pipe that is leaking. Read more about all of these services and more below!


Here at M.A.C., we’ve been serving the city of King before Snoop and 2Pac were even born, and we’re proud to say that we have played our own role in helping make King city part of what it has become. Whether that’s been through our helping with residents’ of King plumbing issues, or assisting businesses in getting their large-scale plumbing jobs taken care of quickly, and at a cost that privileges their budget over anything else.

With that in mind, we’re proud to say we’re the plumber King City residents trust to get the job done quickly, cleanly, and without any hassle. Whether you prefer to spend your time down at the Brewery, or you have to get to work in Downtown King City, we understand, and we don’t want you to be inconvenienced by poor plumbing systems, leaking pipes and broken fixtures. That’s why we’re proud to give the residents of King City Plumbing that’s totally affordable and gets you back to your normal life fast. We’re a plumbing company that is on the customer’s side.


We pride ourselves in being a service that you can trust during the day when you need something fixed, and in the middle of the night when a plumbing crisis comes seemingly out of nowhere. We give resident of King City emergency plumbing services, and we’re fully prepared to send a team to you at any hour and you can’t afford to have that water spill waiting around all day, rotting away your walls and floors.

We’re the emergency plumber King City residents can count on for any situation. Our goal is to provide you with the service that you need when you need, not just when it’s convenient for us. If your copper pipes burst, or you have a sewer that starts spewing up waste right in front of your store, you need to get that taken care of immediately, and we know that those problems don’t wait until a convenient time to strike. So just call us, and we’ll lock it down.

Being a 24 hour plumber King City residents can count on isn’t something we feel that we have to do, but it’s certainly a service that we’re proud to offer, because we know that everyone experiences these sorts of issues, and there’s nothing worse than having that completely offset your day, in addition to costing you. So whether you’re worried about getting to that job interview in the morning, or you’re a student at University, and can’t miss that final because of a broken septic tank. Call us as soon as the problem strikes, and we’ll be there within an hour.

It doesn’t matter if it’s dinner time or 4AM, we’re excited to provide residents of King City 24 hour plumbing, because we know that that’s how we’d want to be treated too.


Whether it’s a matter of a simple drain clog, or you’ve got a bigger problem with your main line, and your home or business is hooked up to the sewer system, we’re excited to provide sewer repair King City customers can truly count on. Whatever the problem, no matter how backed up or messy, our team is more than happy to come in, assess the problem, and get it taken care of immediately. We’ll even leave your site cleaner than we found it.

We also are more than happy to provide residents of King City sewer replacement if the problem has escalated beyond a simple patch up. We have excavator tools that can quickly penetrate the surface of both concrete roads and sidewalks, and we all your yard or driveway, while only causing minimal disruption. We’ll dig a small trench, outright replace the pipe and have you back to normal in no time. And we’ll make sure that any cosmetic damage is quickly fixed, so you can forget the problem had ever even existed.

Additionally, if the thought of construction or major reparations makes you fear that your business, like those in King City, could suffer, we also provide our customers in King City trenchless sewer repair. This method of repairing main lines models a smart surgery method that makes minimal incisions, while still being able to access all the major “ligaments” so to speak. We can create one small access point, and from there apply epoxy, replace the main line, or patch up any leaks and even remove clogs.

Trenchless sewer line replacement King City business will rejoice about is a lot more simple than most people think. It just takes the proper tools, and know-how that comes from being in the business as long as we have. When you get a team from M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing, if we’re providing trenchless sewer replacement, you’re getting a job that’s quick, simple, and minimally invasive. You won’t lose out on potential customers, hold up traffic like the 400 after work, or be the eyesore of your neighborhood.


When your water heater fails, there can be few things that are quite as annoying or stressful. Often times this can come from age, in which case we may recommend to our customers in King City water heater installation, but we also provide water heater repair when you just can’t get your faucet, dishwasher, washing machine or shower hot anymore.

Water heater technology for the most part relies on a large tank. If your appliance doesn’t seem to be working for whatever reason, and you have a tank, we encourage you to go down and check out the serial number and dates. If you see that it’s more than 15 years old, then hot water heater repair not be the best option for you. We’ll come over, assess the situation and give you a free estimate, then determine how to move forward.

We also are proud to offer our customers in King City tankless water heater installation. Tankless water heaters are a new technology that capitalizes on speeds faster, and gets you your hot water without taking up the space and time that comes with having a standard water heating tank.

And if you’re already ahead of the times and you’ve upgraded to the fast, energy-saving quality tankless life, we offer tankless water heater repair in the event that you do experience a problem with it. It can obviously be confusing to some because of the change in technology, but our trained, experienced plumbers can tackle those problems quickly, and get you back to hot showers and clean clothes in no time.


If you feel like you’re experience a significant amount of water loss, or you’re beginning to see spots on your walls or floor, or detecting unusual smells, it’s possible that you have a water leak. Call us immediately, and we’ll be more than happy to send out a team to gather information for our data center to determine if you have a leak, and where exactly it is. We provide leak detection King City customers can count on, because we get the job done quickly and efficiently, getting to the leaks faster, and finding all of them the first time.

If you have a hair line crack in your PVC piping, it can be easy to pass over that problem, and often pinhole leaks in copper piping will pass the common man’s eye with ease, but we provide our customers in King City water leak detection that gets all of the cracks, all of the pinholes, and all of the water leaks in a snap. And we’ll provide you with the pipe repair King City customers have come to trust from us.


We don’t just serve homes in King, we’ve been providing commercial plumbing King City businesses have trusted for more than 20 years, and we’ve watched companies like the King City Brewery soar into popularity around through our years here serving local restaurants, offices and more. We’re the commercial plumbing King City businesses trust because we give straightforward prices, we don’t play around on the job, and we provide results that set us apart.


Whatever’s gotten stuck in your home or business’s drains, we have snakes, hydro jetting and chemical draining techniques that will get just about anything out of your sink or other plumbing systems. We’re the specialists in drain cleaning King City customers trust with the biggest, smallest, and most embarrassing problems, because our goal is to simply help our customers, get in, and get out.

Whatever the problem may be, we’re the drain cleaning service King City customers know that gets it done. We’ll get those fibers out of your sink that seem to be backing everything up, or the toy that somehow got into your sewer system. When you leave clogs, it can be even more damaging to your systems long term. So don’t wait, give the King City drain cleaner a call as soon as you detect a problem.


And if the clog in your sewer line seems to be something bigger than just a toy, we have the tools to take care of that too. We’re the King City trusts to take care of the big problems, whether it’s at Airport or in your own back yard. We’ll use careful techniques to give residents of King City rooter service that takes care of invasive tree rots without getting in the way of your pipes, or causing further damage to your home, yard, or place of business. We’ll make sure the problem is dealt with and that you can go back to normal life.


Additionally, if you need garbage disposal repair King City residents know to call M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing. We find the problems fast, know how your machines work, and give you industry-competitive prices. Don’t let your sink back up because of a broken disposal motor or clog—it will only cause more damage down the road. We’ll take care of the problem, and even give our long beach customers garbage disposal installation if they need to upgrade their systems.


Whether it’s a leaking faucet, broken handles, or the simple need for an upgrade in your appliances, we provide the faucet repair King City residents to get their sinks up and running better than ever. You’ll save money just by virtue of the fact that your faucet isn’t leaking water any more.

And if you’re trying to redecorate, we’ll provide the same faucet installation King City customers praise us for being cheap, easy, and giving you the results you want. Whatever plumbing services you’re looking for, just give us over here at M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing a call, and we’ll come to our customers in King City within minutes, and get you what you need today!

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