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We are ready to handle your Barrie plumbing challenges, no matter how big or small we offer a wide range of plumbing services for both our residential and commercial customers. From repairing leaks and clogs, drain cleaning, septic system maintenance, sewer line repairs and more, our team can ensure that your plumbing is working properly. We are experienced in all aspects of residential plumbing in Barrie, whether it’s repairing a toilet, clearing a clogged drain, or replacing a sewer line. We serve residents throughout Barrie, Innisfil, Orillia, and Collingwood andsurrounding areas.

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Barrie Plumbing Tips

Here are some plumbing services we provide in Barrie and to get more information, please click on the links below:

      Are you looking for a highly skilled plumbing expert in the Barrie, ON. area? Call M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing at (705)7335154 and get our industry leading services today! Remodeling?

      At M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing, we believe in guaranteeing a customers satisfaction on every job. Whether your facing a plumbing emergency or simply a drain cleaning, we provide fast and friendly services all the time. We provide you with up front pricing and multiple options that are within your budget in order to make the best choice for you and your home. Don’t let a plumbing issue drive you crazy in the Barrie, ON. area! Call our expert staff today and schedule an appointment.

      Is Your Barrie, ON. Water Heater in Need of Repair Services?

      When it comes to water heaters ensuring that it receives professional repair services is important. Because of their constant use of water, your homes water heater is susceptible to wear and tear, rust, and mineral deposits. When any of these issues strike you can be left with a malfunctioning water heater or worse, no hot water. Our professional staff is here to help. We provide maintenance, repair, and installation services for your home’s water heater. We can inspect your water heater, identify the reasoning for the damage, and then provide you with an efficient course of action. Call us today before you take another cold shower!

      Are The Drains in Your Barrie Home Clogged or Blocked?

      The drainage system in your Barrie home allows for your to get rid of waste efficiently. But what happens when this drainage system becomes clogged? Over time some of the things that you throw down the drain can stick and eventually build up causing a clog in your homes plumbing. When this occurs, the water in your sinks, tubs, and toilets, have no where to go. Before pouring harmful chemicals down the drain, get professional assistance from our expert technicians. At M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing we can assist with your homes clogged drains and restore the flow of water quickly and efficiently.

      What Causes Clogs to Occur in Barrie, ON.?

      Depending on the material, there are numerous reasons why your drains become clogged. Hair, food, grease, dirt, and other items can over time create a clogging issues in your homes drains and plumbing. Hair clumps for example make it extremely hard for your water to pass through. Another more common case is food getting stuck in your kitchen sink. It’s important to know what foods can go down your garbage disposal. While monitoring what goes down your drains can be beneficial to preventing clogs, once you’re suffering from a clog, getting assistance is imperative. At M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing we offer the best drain cleaning and rooter services for your home.

      How Can a Clogged Drain Affect Your Barrie Home?

      Clogged drains can greatly affect your home in Barrie . Why? If the water keeps getting stuck, chances are excessive amounts of pressure is being created in the plumbing. Over time, this can make your home susceptible to burst pipe issues especially in the Barrie winter. Additionally, having clogged drains is unsanitary. When items such as food become stuck in your drains, it cant rot and cause bacteria and odors in your home. Another common symptom of a clogged drain is higher than usual water bills. Because more water is needed to pass through these clogs it can in turn raise your bill. With our professional services you can prevent many of these issues or repair them should you already have one!

      How are Drains Cleaned and How is it Beneficial for Your Home?

      When it comes to drain cleaning in Barrie, there are multiple courses of action to solve the issue. At M.A.C Stewart Plumbing we offer the safest and most efficient ways to clear drains. Our technicians will first inspect and identify the area that is suffering with the clog. Once identified they will use techniques such as hydro jetting, Augers, to efficiently remove any clog that many be in your homes plumbing.

      Is There a Water Leak in Your Barrie Homes Plumbing System?

      Water leaks are a challenging issue that some Barrie homeowners face which can leave some serious damage behind. There are many different places that a leak can occur. Hard to reach places, such as behind walls and under floors, under sinks and toilets, and in some instance even around your water heater. When this occurs, getting professional assistance is always the best course of action. Our expert staff is highly skilled and can assist you with your homes water leak issues from start to finish. Call us today to schedule an appointment and let us assist you!

      Leaking pipes in Barrie can be a tricky problem to diagnose. Sometimes, the problem can be hidden behind walls or cabinet doors. You can often tell if you have a leak in your house by a heavy mildew scent around the area. Discoloration in walls or ceiling tiles can also be indicative of a leak.

      If your faucet is not flowing properly and you’re having problems with water pressure, then you might be having issues with your water pump. The plumber will be able to check the water line and either find the source of the problem, or replace the pump, if need be.

      Sump Pump Installation and Repair in Barrie

      Installing Sumps Keeps your Barrie Homes Dry, Even During the Wettest of Times

      When it comes to preventing in-home flooding, sumps are just about the best way to remove water from the home and keep the lower levels dry and free of damage. Those who live in flood prone areas like Barrie and Innisfil are likely aware that their basements can quickly go from a storage or living space to a flooded mess. This is usually because of two potential problems: a blocked external drainage system which forces water into the home’s foundation, or a cracked and leaking foundation itself which allows water to seep in from the ground which surrounds the basement.

      Call us today at (705)7335154 to schedule an in-home estimate!

      There’s nothing worse than having your sewer and drains back up and cease to function efficiently. You can count on us to fix your plumbing wherever you live in Barrie or Simcoe Region. We’ll provide a plumber Barrie depends on to keep it’s homes clean and free of water damage. We constantly strive to provide the sewer repair Barrie residents need in order to maintain clean, clear pipes.

      We’re one of the top plumbing companies in Barrie, and as the emergency plumber residents rely on we’re at your service 24/7 throughout the year. We’ll inspect your plumbing, make recommendations and give you a free estimate. Our Barrie plumbers provide a wide range of plumbing services including:

      • Hot water heater repair and inspection including tankless water heaters in Barrie
      • Rooter services for drains blocked by tree roots in barrie
      • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing including toilets, dishwashers, showers, tubs, garbage disposals and gas line installation in Barrie
      • Sump pumps in Barrie
      • Waste traps in barrie
      • Water pressure problems in Barrie
      • Leak detection in Barrie
      • Outdoor pipes and taps in Barrie


      We have the latest Barrie plumbing equipment that can detect exactly where the blockage is in your pipes. We not only clear the blockage, we clean the whole drain pipe whether it is from your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom or outdoors. We offer plumbing services Barrie trusts with a guarantee for all of our work. If the pipe is still not draining properly, we’ll send a rooter technician to clean the drain again.


      Your kitchen plumbing needs to function efficiently to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Leaking pipes under the sink from the garbage disposal or sink can create an environment where mold and mildew can grow. Showers, tubs and sinks in the bathroom also need to drain properly to maintain a clean environment. Overflowing toilet water is seriously unhygienic even if it looks clear. Our plumbers in Barrie have been serving Simcoe region for more than 20 years. We can diagnose your kitchen and bathroom problems and fix them quickly. We always give a free estimate before we begin work.


      All plumbing installations should be fitted with waste traps. The traps should have an efficient water seal to block sewer gasses from entering the building. If you experience a bad odor in your Barrie home but can’t find the place where it is entering, we’ll send a Barrie plumber to examine your plumbing, find the source of the odor and repair the cause. There are several different types of waste traps, and we can install and service all of them.


      Our Barrie plumbing services are low water pressure repair specialists in the Simcoe Region. When you turn your tap on full and only a small stream of water comes out, you have water pressure problems that may have a variety of causes. We’ll examine all the possibilities and get your water pressure to maximum.


      Leaks in plumbing can cause many serious problems ranging from water damage in walls, floors and ceilings to low water pressure and high energy bills. If your hot water heater leaks, the tank will constantly be heating water, causing unneeded energy use. Water damage in the structure of you home will eventually begin to grow mold, mildew and fungi that will seriously contaminate the indoor air. We provide the expert leak detection Barrie residents need in order to avoid those issues.


      Call us for all of your outdoor plumbing requirements for your pool, fountains, sprinklers, water distribution system and drainage. We’ll help make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

      Don't let any plumbing issues in your Barrie, ON. home ruin your day! Call M.A.C Stewart Plumbing at (705)7335154 to schedule an appointment today!

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