Toilet Repair and Installation in Barrie

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Toilet damage is one of the most common bathroom problems that plague many of our customers. We’ve seen dozens of cases of broken toilet seals, cracks in the toilet, and improperly installed units. Understanding toilet damage and repairs can help you know when to call us. After all, there’s no reason to let your toilet problems get any worse. Our technicians serve residents throughout Barrie and surrounding areas.

What are Common Toilet Problems?

Water leaks are one of the most common causes of toilet damage. It is very easy for water to leak off the toilet through a crack or even to splash out during a flush.

During hot weather, toilets can actually get a heavy layer of condensation on the surface. This water will then gather on the floor and cause damage around your toilet. For example, it can eat into the sealant around the base of your toilet and cause it to come loose. It can also cause damage to the floor around your toilet.

What is the Repair Process?

Repairing a toilet requires understanding its damage. Water damage often requires spot precision repairs, such as a new layer of adhesive around the base of the toilet. Physical damage, such as cracks, can often be repaired with a little plumbing putty applied directly to the crack.

Need to Replace Your Toilet?

In some cases, the damage to your toilet is too severe for repairs. This can happen when the toilet is too heavily cracked or if the floor is completely rotted.

A toilet replacement is a complex job that requires professional installation. We have the right tools, including the right size wrench, as well as the strength to undo the bolts holding the toilet to the floor. Other steps during the replacement process include turning off your water, emptying the toilet of all water, carefully removing it from its pipes, carrying it out, and repeating the process in reverse with a new toilet.

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