Commercial Plumbing Services

 Plumbing in any plumbing emergency! When a commercial plumbing problem interrupts your business, or a clog or leak is damaging your property, you need the problem diagnosed and fixed—fast. If a drainage problem has your business temporarily closed down, slowed down, or is negatively impacting customer service and worker productivity, call M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing.

What makes us different from other plumbers?

We are a small local plumbing service. We have been plumbing for 20 years. Over the years we have come to know what customers want. They want affordable local plumbers. when the customers call they want us there now not hours from now or days. We can be there in 30 minutes. Customers want it done and fast. We have installed every toilet, bidet, kitchen sink, water pump, drain pipe, faucet, shower, tub, dishwasher and fridge lines, sump pump, known to man. We repair any plumbing, pressure tanks, pressure switch, toilet repair, shower repair, faucet repair. 20 years of local plumbing we can fix or repair any plumbing issue you have. Weve had customers explain the problem with gurgling noises over the phone and know exactly what the problem is. We are licensed master plumbers. Not unlicensed drain cleaners. We are professionals and are backed with a great reputation. Check out our reviews.

When your looking for a good local plumber call us. We will be there quickly and the price we give you over the phone is it no surprises. We want your business again and encourage you to write a review explaining to others how good are plumbing service for you was.

Local affordable plumbing at a time that's convenient for you that's what makes us different, and if you need us in a emergency plumbing situation were there quickly 30 minutes.

Call us. Or if you don't feel like calling no pressure, email us.

Plumbing professionals serve:

  • Bars, restaurants and eating establishments of all sizes

  • Hotels and motels

  • Small business offices

  • Hospitals and health clinics

  • Nursing home settings

  • Sports venues

  • Shopping centers or malls

  • Grocery stores, food retailers

  • Gas stations, convenience stores

  • Food processing plants

  • Education facilities, universities

  • Airports and public buildings

What are the dangers of leaking pipes?

Many people believe that a little water dripping from your pipes here and there is normal, but it actually requires the attention of a certified plumbing technician. There are a couple dangers of leaking pipes that you may not be aware of and need to acknowledge.

One of the things you should be concerned about when you are dealing with leaking pipes is your flooring. If the water pipes are leaking, the flooring can begin to warp, and your carpets can retain moisture, causing mould and mildew issues.

Another danger you need to acknowledge is a weak foundation. Discolouration is primarily noticed when a pipe is leaking. Water contaminates and floods flooring, causing the foundation to crack and eventually crumble.

If you are having problems with leaking pipes it is important that you contact a trusted professional right away.