M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing located in Toronto, ON. provides the products and services that create living spaces in homes Toronto residents can be proud of.  It is no wonder that more than 84,000 people call this city their home. With home values that average around $800,000, you will find many luxurious features throughout the kitchens and bathrooms of these buildings that justify the prices.

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Common fixtures that attract homebuyers include elegant bathrooms designed for relaxation. It is typical for these rooms to have exquisite full body whirlpool bathtubs, his and hers showers equipped with the latest technology, cascading waterfall bathtubs and even multiple French pedestal sinks. Kitchens on the other hand usually are designed with space in mind. You will usually find stainless steel sinks, industrial manufactured faucets and top of the line dishwashers that detail these living spaces.

With teams right here in Toronto, M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing has the ability to help you take advantage of these great luxuries in your own home. Our company has built our reputation on the satisfaction of our customers that have entrusted their own plumbing service needs to our contractors.

When remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms within your home, the services available at M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing can help you save thousands of dollars. We have the capabilities to design your new room around existing plumbing layouts that are already completed. Not having to reinstall plumbing input and drainage lines prevent many accidents from occurring such as broken pipes that will create havoc behind the walls and under the floors of your home.

One common issue that plagues most residents throughout Toronto, ON. is the energy consumption encountered within the home. We are often entrusted with finding solutions to these common problems. Tankless hot water systems and energy saving hot water tanks are just a few options that you can choose from to help lower your overall home utility expenses and energy consumption. You will notice a big difference immediately within your home once these features are in operation.

To protect your home, we have been providing beneficial products and services for French drains. These drains are designed to be installed around the exterior of your home and help with flooding. These emergency protection systems for your home also serve to provide protection for your family, as well.

Leak detection Toronto local has finally arrived. With premium 24 hour service and a powerful team of technicians and plumbers, Toronto's M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing division is ready to tackle any job for you. Whether it’s leak location, repair or even pipe replacement, M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing does it all, so call today!

And if you want to read more about these service and all the others that we offer, just read on below!


Here at M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing, we pride ourselves in being the go-to Toronto plumber, we have customers, business owners and homeowners alike, who trust us for everything from a leaking faucet to burst pipes and more. Whether they’re situated in Toronto or surrounding areas, they know that when you call us, we’ll be at your home within an hour, give you the free estimate you need, and help fix your plumbing fixtures quickly.

Our customers know us as the plumber Toronto loves, because we’re friendly, professional, and stand by our word to get the job done right. If there are any problems with your plumbing Toronto residents will be among the first to tell you: call M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing today. Our services extend far beyond just the basic drain repair, too. Whatever the problem, however big the mess, we’ll gladly come and help you get back to enjoying a sunny day at the Beaches in Toronto.


There’s nothing worse than a pipe bursting at 3am, whether it’s in your home, office, restaurant or store. So why wait until the morning to get problems taken care of that your day won’t slow down for? Just call the Toronto emergency plumber who you can trust to pick up the phone.

These days, you almost just can’t afford to wait around for a regular plumber to arrive the next morning. The mess can grow, wood can rot, and your home can face further costs for the extended damage. Instead, just call the emergency plumber Toronto residents know that they can call on at any hour. That’s right, just call our emergency line, and we’ll have your drain cleaned out at any hour of the night.

As a 24 hour plumber Toronto residents know that we’re on call at all hours, eager to hear from you knowing that we have the tools to take care of the job. Whether it’s a busted water heater, a broken shower drain, or a copper piping system that is giving you serious trouble, we can be there at any hour so that you’re not even more inconvenienced by an already difficult situation.

In Toronto 24 plumbing isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. If you own a restaurant or business in Toronto, a plumbing crisis could shut your business down in a way that hurts you long term. We’ll come in discreetly, fix the problem and get you up and running before business starts.


Sewers are like the underground mystery of any city, But nobody really likes to think about what they’re doing, when they’re doing it, and where it’s all going. The problem is, when a sewer line cracks, you’re kind of forced to think about it because all of a sudden that sewage is in your back yard, on the side walk , or ruining the smells at the Farmer’s Market.

Thankfully, we’ve been in the business of sewer repair Toronto residents can count on to get things done quickly. We’ll dig a small trench, apply the necessary reparations, and get your sewer line flowing quietly and cleanly again. And if necessary, we’re even fully prepared for a sewer replacement. We’ll remove the line quickly, and cause minimal disruption to traffic, so you can get back to normal daily life.


If sewers aren’t something you’re super excited about, we also offer trenchless sewer repair Toronto! A trenchless sewer line replacement is kind of like arthroscopic surgery. You take a small incision in the road or your lawn, and from there we can carefully insert epoxy, repair pipelines, and perform trenchless sewer line replacement.

It’s common that in Toronto trenchless sewer replacement is much more popular, because it’s cleaner, friendlier to street traffic, and is easier to apply repairs to, leaving your yard, storefront or sidewalk looking clean and undisturbed.


When a water heater fails, it can mean disaster for you and your family, especially if you are using the showers, dishwasher and even laundry machines. The problem is that hot water is no longer just a luxury. For residents of Toronto hot water heater repair needs to come quickly, because there’s a lot of life that happens under hot water.

Whether it’s for disinfecting, cleansing, washing, or refreshing, hot water is an essential for our customers. And even if your appliances are broken and need to be changed out, we provide water heater installation Toronto customers trust to be quick and inexpensive. Our goal is to get your water behaving properly as fast as possible.

And for those customers that are looking to update their water systems, we offer our customers in Toronto tankless water heater installation and tankless water heater repair, which is an economical and efficient way to heat your water. Whether you privilege products from trusted brands like Energy Star, or are simply tired of your current heat pump and constantly have a dissatisfying water temperature, a tankless water heater could be the solution for you.

Rather than relying on a large tank to fill up and your water to work it’s way through all of that piping, a tankless water heater gets your water hot instantly, saving you both time, energy, and space. You’ll increase your water’s flow rate, while also experience less heat loss, and instant warmth instead of wasting all that cold water waiting on the shower.


We also offer leak detection services in Toronto customers have come to trust for more than just our good eye. We have technology that helps us located a water leak in an incredibly short time, and with our groundwater monitoring and water loss detection tools, we’ll be able to help you keep your potable water safe, while also preventing further damage by patching that leak up quickly.

When you call us, we’ll send a team out to your house within an hour. Wherever you are within Toronto water leak detection shouldn’t be something that you wait around all day for. We’ll make sure that all of those pinhole leaks are identified, hairline cracks are fixed, and you get the same pipe repair Toronto residents know us for: the kind that works the first time around, and doesn’t need a follow-up.


Whatever kind of gas problems you may face, we offer gas line repair Toronto homes and business can trust when they smell something strange. Give us a call if you have any indication that there may be a gas leak at your home, office, or restaurant. Whether you think it’s just smells coming from Toronto Airport, or you’re sure that you have a broken gas line, please call our helpful team, and we’ll get out to you immediately to determine the source of the leak, and help you stay safe.

We’ll use a small inline camera to check out your main line and other areas that are receiving gas, find the leak, and patch it up quickly—or otherwise outright replace the line. And if you’re trying to set up a new fire pit, or even a built-in grill system, we offer gas line installation Toronto customers are always taking advantage of when they want to upgrade their outdoor décor, or just put renovations on their old homes.


In addition to being a residential plumber trusted all over the area, we provide the businesses of Toronto commercial plumbing that they can count on to keep businesses up and running, even if there’s a real plumbing emergency. Whether it has to do with simple problems like backed-up systems, or there’s a need for a large-scale projects like an irrigation system, emergency sprinklers, or a warehouse that needs to be plumbed—we have the tools and the know how to give businesses a professional plumbing experience that won’t go over budget.

We do our jobs based on a per-job estimate, rather than on an hourly basis. So whether your office needs a new piping system, or you have some other reason to call on a commercial plumber Toronto businesses trust, there’s really no one to call but M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing.


Having safe, potable water is something that everyone, not just the Toronto Zoo can get behind. Whether you’re a coalition for drinking local water, or you’re just a home that’s full of the busyness that life brings, we’re the Toronto drain cleaning company you can count on to get your pipes fixed up in no time. Whether you’ve filled your sink with starches you weren’t supposed to, or you’ve got an errant toy has fallen into your toilet drain, we have the tools to safely and quickly remove clogs, snake your drains, and leave your home even cleaner than we found it.

Our goal is never to inconvenience our customers. So when we say we’re the drain cleaning service Toronto is grateful for, it’s because our professional expertise and years of service make us the drain cleaner Toronto residents know won’t waste time getting those pipes unclogged.


We also will provide rooter service to Toronto residents, because we know that when it goes beyond just a simple drain clog, there’s nothing worse than a backed up sewer line, or flooding from your septic tank because of careless damage caused by bad pipes and tree roots that just don’t quit.

Our rooter machines will get into the problem quickly, and deal with your tree root issues without ripping up your entire backyard. We pride ourselves in being both clean and professional, taking care of your root problems or main line clogs without causing a scene, or looking like an impressionist painting from the Toronto Museum of Art.


We also pride ourselves in being able to provide Toronto garbage disposal repair for when you just can’t seem to get it working right. A backed up garbage disposal can lead to a sink full of non-potable water, bacteria, and a jam that stops you from washing your dishes, using your sink, or even keeping your kitchen clean. Over the long-term, this can lead to further damage of the whole piping system, which can then cause even more expensive repairs to happen down the road.

When you call M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing we’ll provide the quick repairs, at a price you can really count on, and service that gets your sink and disposal system back to normal in no time. And if you’ve never even considered upgrading your kitchen systems, we provide residents of Toronto garbage disposal installation that’s affordable and will revolutionize the way you use your kitchen.


Finally, whether you’re just washing off fresh fruit from the Toronto farmers market, or you’re trying to make use of your instant water filtration system, a broken faucet can be a huge inconvenience in terms of your daily activities. From getting ready in the morning before work, to any kind of cooking or kitchen use, we provide the faucet repair Toronto residents count on not only to stay clean, but to simply be able to make use of their plumbing systems.

Additionally, we’ll give residents of Toronto faucet installation that will change the way you think about your sink. Whether you want the latest technology from top brands, or you’re simply looking to redecorate, we’ll get you the faucet you want, and give you cheap service with a smile.

Whatever your plumbing needs are, we’re happy to serve Toronto with the professional plumbing services residents should come to expect. Whether you own a home off of younge street, or you’re a business owner with a place like the Trump Hotel, we’re happy to help you today!

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