Toronto, ON. Sinks, tubs and other areas that are slow to drain are more than simply an annoyance. Standing water can serve as the ideal breeding grounds for harmful organisms and will transition your kitchen sink or bathroom tub into an unsanitary and unsafe place. Cabbage Town residents might attempt to tackle these issues with a low-cost drain snake or an over-the-counter drain cleaner. Unfortunately, however, these solutions can cause far more harm than good and rarely suffice when there are major blockages to resolve.

Store-bought drain cleaning products are highly corrosive and often result in the need to replace entire sections of pipe. Our Toronto plumbing experts have the training and experience to quickly identify the source of a blocked drain. We can determine whether you need our drain cleaning or our drain repair services and will handle these matters without causing any harm to your home plumbing systems.

Sometimes the source of Toronto drainage issues lie at the property exterior. For older homes in the Bloor Street area, dated pipes that lead to the sewer main can be permeated by weeds, tree roots or other landscaping features. Once these pipes become blocked by organic intrusions, a simple rooter will not suffice. In these instances, our trenchless pipe replacement and repair techniques make it possible for us to supply a wholly effective resolution without causing major disturbances in your outside property aesthetics.

Not only can our technicians clear a clog or back-up of almost any magnitude, but they can additionally show you how to avoid many of these issues in the future. Our plumbing specialists can give you the best maintenance advice for avoiding shower blockages, grease build-ups in the kitchen sink, faucet problems and outdoor plumbing issues. With the right strategies for keeping your drains clean, you can eliminate the hassle and stress of recurring issues, save more money and get optimal use from your home plumbing system.

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