Emergency Plumbing in Barrie

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Plumbing issues can occur at any time. If the problem is time-sensitive and cannot wait until normal business hours, call our 24-hour emergency hotline and we will get your home as soon as possible. We serve residents throughout Barrie, ON..

What are Considered Plumbing Emergencies in Barrie?

Emergency plumbing problems can take many forms, including leaking or broken pipes and a broken water heater. Living without everyday needs, such as hot water or the ability to wash clothes generally makes every plumbing problem an emergency. The problem of water damage, or further damage to appliances using water often requires the fast response of an emergency plumber.

As the cold winter months unfold, pipes often freeze and run the risk of bursting. When a pipe freezes many homeowners attempt their own repairs, which often cause more damage to the pipe and surrounding property. Calling an emergency plumber is the best option for thawing frozen pipes and avoiding further damage often caused with homemade repairs that often end with a burst pipe and the need for more extensive repairs.

Leaking pipes can occur throughout the year, with a variety of problems causing a leak and resulting in many problems to a property as a whole. Leaking pipes can lead to damage to the structure of a property when left unrepaired. Other problems can also develop, such as mold, which is caused by moisture trapped in warm areas of a home. Our emergency plumber will quickly turn off the water to a leaking pipe and replace the damaged piece to stop either the constant drip or flood of water being caused by the leak.

One of the most common problems many homeowners face are clogged toilets and drains, which can cause strong odors and backed up waste. When a drain clogs, there can be a variety of reasons, including foreign objects clogging a drain below a toilet or sink, or plant matter filling the main drain leading to the sewer line. Our emergency plumbers can quickly identify the problem and unclog the drain with the minimum amount of disruption to your property. Cameras are often used to identify the issues causing a drain blockage. Unlike in previous decades, drain clogs can now be solved using high-pressure water pushed through the drain without digging up your landscaping.

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