Water Leak Detection and Repair in Aurora

Avoid skyrocketing water bills with expert water leak detection and repair! Call (705)7335154 for service in Aurora, ON. 

Our technicians specialize in accurate water leak detection services to get your home back to normal as soon as possible. To fix a water leak, we need to find the source of the leak and repair it immediately. If not, you could experience extensive water damage, including flooding and mold or mildew growth. We offer 24-hour emergency services in Aurora and surrounding areas, so you don’t have to wade ankle-deep in water before help arrives!

How Do You Detect Water Leaks?

We pinpoint leaks using electronic leak detection devices. We also use video inspection cameras to locate leaks within your sewer and drain lines.

Another effective way to detect leaks is by using headsets to listen for possible leaks in your home. In order for this to work properly, we will disconnect the surrounding pipes where leaking is suspected and pressurize them with nitrogen. Nitrogen creates a high-pitched sound that will help us detect the leak through the headset. When the nitrogen gas reaches the leak, the sound will get louder. Our equipment is capable of detecting leaks even under cement flood and pipes buried underground.

Once the leak is detected, we will work with you to carry out the most effective method of repair that suits your budget.

Our fast, friendly service will get your water leak problem solved, guaranteed. Call us today at (705)7335154 to schedule a FREE in-home estimate.