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We at M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing have been providing emergency plumbing support to our Woodbridge, ON. customers for decades. From major problems like a collapsed pipe to minor issues like a runny toilet, we are here to help diagnose and resolve any of your plumbing concerns. Knowing that help is on the way whenever any type of plumbing emergency should occur gives Woodbridge consumers peace of mind. Here are some of the top emergency plumber Woodbridge calls we get.


Leaks can occur if a joint is loosened or if corrosion causes the piping to become damaged. If the leaking becomes unmanageable, you may have to shut off the main water supply. The 24 hour plumber Woodbridge residents contact will advise that the water remain off until a professional arrives to resolve the leak.

A frozen pipe is another issue that can be considered an emergency. Heating it can prevent the pipe from ultimately breaking, but it must be done correctly to prevent damage. Emergency plumbing Woodbridge homes will need should be able to handle the thawing process in a way that won’t lead to extensive damage.

Clogged drains in a sink, tub or shower are another common plumbing emergency. The 24 hour plumbing Woodbridge households need go much further than simple plumbing. Plumbers discourage snaking and the use of drain cleaners due to the potential of extensive damage being done to the piping system. A professional plumber can remove the clog and determine the root cause of the clogging problem. Additionally, they can prevent further stress from happening to the pipes.

Overflowing toilets can cause significant damage. Water damage and mold can occur if this issue isn’t addressed early enough. This is considered a plumbing emergency if there is only one bathroom in the entire home. Any sign of flooding should also be considered an emergency due to sanitary concerns.

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