Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Georgina

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Why is My Drain Clogged?

It can be frustrating to use a slow-draining sink, or a toilet that isn’t flushing properly. Maybe you’ve even noticed sewage backing up into your drains. So what causes these drainage problems? In some cases, it could be foreign objects that have accidentally made their way down your drain. Older pipes that have become rusted or have built up decay inside can also slow down the regular flow of water and waste. Another common cause is tree root invasion, which can choke your pipes and block the normal flow of your drain.

How Will You Fix My Clogged Drain in Georgina?

Maybe you’ve tried to use tools around the house to reach down your pipes and find the objects clogging your drain. You may have tried store-bought drain cleaners as well. In either case, you could end up damaging your pipes and have a larger problem on your hands than before.

We’re here to make sure you get your clogged drains repaired the right way. We have the latest tools and equipment to locate all blockages, no matter where they are in your pipeline. We use video pipe inspection to capture, in real time, the damaged areas along your line so we will know exactly where to begin the repair process without having to dig up your property.

Once we know where the clog is located, we will either use a drain snake, rooter, or a hydrojet to remove the blockage. Hydrojetting is a highly effective method of removing clogs deeper in the sewer line. This method blasts water at extremely high pressures through your pipes, cutting through the toughest debris and leaving your pipes looking like new.

How Often Do I Need Sewer Cleaning in Georgina?

This depends on a variety of factors. We recommend routine sewer cleaning every two to three years. If your home is older, and the pipes have not been replaced in a long time, then you may need to clean your sewer line more frequently. If you notice that your drains have started to run slower than usual, or if you suspect that there might be something blocking your line, you will also need to clean your sewer line immediately.

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