Why Does a Drain Clog?

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How Can I Keep This From Happening?

Having a drain get clogged is a harrowing experience that, if left unattended, can lead to serious damage to your home. More likely though it is an irritant often starting as a slow clog and growing progressively worse as time goes on. Understanding how and why a clog appears in your drains is an essential part of stopping it from getting out of hand and making sure it is properly taken care of.

Why do Drain Clogs Arise?

There are numerous causes of drain clogs in your Innisfil home. Often the heart of the matter is a poorly designed pipe system that leads to clogs through sharp turns and pipes that shift in ways that are not conducive to the free flow of matter that goes down a drain. While this can be a big issue that needs an entire redesign of your plumbing system often it can be dealt with just with an increase in clogs.

Beyond that other things can lead to clogged drains. Food matter can become clogged and require assistance in being dislodged. This can typically be done with a snake or auger that can clear the drain and allow for it to flow freely.

Some drains become clogged with an tree root of other plant matter that breaks through s pipe and becomes an impediment to the piping system. These branches need to be cut and cleared in order to allow for your plumbing system to operate well. This is difficult id not impossible for a do it yourself type person because branches are often far underground and can't be dislodged without the use of special tools to remove the impediment.

In some cases the pipe has to be cut open and replaced by a plumber after the area is cleared of debris. This is complex and may even require walls or concrete to be opened up if the spot is hard to reach or buried underground.

Who should perform the plumbing work?

A licensed plumber should be contracted with to perform plumbing work.

Licensed plumbers are trained and experienced to handle complex matters well beyond the level of home experts and can clear up clogs with tools that allow them to easily identify the cause and best solution for the clog both in the short and long term.

Also licensed plumbers are insured and can provide the best protection for your home as a result of something goes wrong.

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