Frozen Pipes in Innisfil

Why Does a Plumbing System Freeze?

The pipes running through a house make up the plumbing system. This system is responsible for delivering clean water into the house and carrying dirty water out of the house. Pipes under normal circumstances do their job effectively, but sometimes problems occur such as freezing pipes.

A plumbing system freezes when it is not sufficiently protected from cold temperatures of 20°F or lower. The water in the pipes freezes as it reaches subfreezing temperatures inside the pipes. Let's examine how to prevent this problem from occurring.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Inspect all the pipes inside and outside of the house. The pipes that are in unheated areas need proper insulation from the cold. This insulation comes in many forms including special pipe sleeves that fit around the pipes.

There are special Styrofoam caps that are available for outdoor faucets. Attics, crawl spaces, attached garages, outdoor areas and unheated basements are just some of the areas that may have exposed pipes. As garden hoses and sprinkler lines are extensions of the plumbing of a house, they need draining to prevent water from freezing in them.

In addition to the above measures, leave the water running during freezing temperatures. The water does not have to be turned on full blast to work. Just let it trickle for one or more of the faucets inside the house. Moving water is less likely to freeze than stagnating water is to freeze.

Why Is It Important to Keep Pipes from Freezing?

Water expands as it freezes in the pipes and this can place pressure on the pipes causing them to burst at times. This will lead to other damage happening in the house, no water usage and high repair bills.

If the break occurs within the walls, floors or ceilings, these parts of the house may also need repairing along with the broken pipes. The repairs could reach into hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This is why it is important to keep the plumbing from freezing in the first place. Prevent any damage or inconvenience from occurring simply by practicing the preventative measures mentioned earlier.

Call a professional plumber when any issues occurs with your plumbing from freezing or other causes to ensure it is repaired in the proper manner. This will protect not only your plumbing, but also the rest of your house.

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