Pipe Repair and Repiping in Schomberg

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Your pipes are vulnerable to a host of problems over time, with leaks being the least of your problems. More severe issues include corroded pipes, or pipes that have burst unexpectedly. In some cases, basic repairs will be all that is necessary to return your plumbing to normal. In other cases, a complete repiping may be required. Whether you need pipe repair or more extensive repiping, we can help. Contact us for assistance in Schomberg and surounding areas.

How Do I Know If I Need Pipe Repair or Repiping?

Pipe repair is usually recommended if you only need to fix a specific area within your pipeline. For example, if the pipes near your shower are leaking, we will repair that particular section of piping; the rest of your piping will not be affected.

Repiping is a much more complex project. It is necessary if the pipes throughout your home are starting to deteriorate due to age. That leak near your shower may be the first of many leaks to develop over time.

You may also need repiping done if your water supply is discolored due to rust in the system. Rust can lead to low water pressure and affect the length of your pipeline. If this is the case, it is recommended to invest in a complete repiping job.

What Kind of Pipe is Best to Replace My Old Ones?

If you need repiping done, we will provide the ideal pipe material to ensure the reliability of your plumbing system. Generally, copper and PEX pipes are used. Both materials are known to last for more than thirty years, with accurate repiping.

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