Pipe Repair and Repiping in Wasaga Beach

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Is your plumbing system starting to corrode or deteriorate? This will often happen if your plumbing has not been updated for several years. This is why we recommend regular maintenance and repairs. If you are having problems with your pipeline, we can help you determine if a repair or repipe is more beneficial. Our technicians serve Wasaga Beach.

Should I Look into Repairs or Repiping?

Many homeowners assume that a simple repair will correct their problem. However, replacing the piping may prove to be more practical than spending on constant repairs. Below we discuss reasons why repiping is a better choice in some cases.

Rusted pipes: Brown or rust-colored water is a sign that your pipes are rusted. This can happen if your pipes are older and made of galvanized steel. Our technicians will inspect your pipes to determine the extent of the problem. If your home has an older plumbing system that is liable to cause more problems over time, repiping is the best solution and will ensure trouble-free pipes for the long term.

Strange odors: A buildup of minerals in the water pipes can cause the water to develop a strange odor. Mineral buildup is the result of untreated hard water entering your pipe system. A home with hard water passing through will most likely need repiping if the mineral buildup has caused the pipes to deteriorate. We also recommend installing a water softener to remove calcium and other harmful minerals from the water.

Frequently leaking pipes: Leaks are common. However, pipes that are constantly leaking and needing frequent repairs will be better off with a replacement. This is especially important if you live in an older home. New pipes means less repairs over time.

Older home: As mentioned above, the age of your home is a significant factor when deciding whether to repair or repipe. Homes that are over thirty-five years will start to develop problems in the piping over time. Although basic repairs can often get your system back up and running, a repipe will be the safer solution for the long run.

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