Emergency Plumbing in Richmond Hill

Have a plumbing emergency? Call (705)7335154 for 24-hour emergency services in Richmond Hill, ON.

It’s easy to take your plumbing system for granted until an emergency occurs! Read on to learn more about the emergencies we handle for residents in Richmond Hill and surrounding areas .

Have a Sewer Backup?

Severe sewer backups can cause pipe damage and leave you without a sink or toilet to use. Fortunately, our technicians can help you fix the problem with professional sewer and drain repair.

Sewer backup can result from clogs in your sewer line. There may be tree roots blocking your line, or you may have other debris and waste trapped in your pipes. Let us help you remove the blockage with professional drain cleaning and hydrojetting.

Need to Repair a Burst Pipe?

Burst pipes, as well as frozen pipes, are common plumbing problems. However, they can quickly flood your home and cause extensive water damage.

If you notice a burst pipe, locate your main water shut off valve and turn it off. This will stop the rush of water and help you avoid a flooded home. Next, call your emergency plumber for help. We will dispatch our experts to your home as soon as possible to repair the problem.

Do You Have an Emergency Plumber Handy?

Don’t wait until you’re experiencing an overflowing toilet to look for a plumber. Make sure you already have a reliable plumber in your network! Avoid attempts at DIY repairs, as these are often only temporary solutions.

Get your plumbing emergency under control—call us at (705)7335154 for 24/7 service!