Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Innisfil

Are clogged drains causing your sink or toilet to back up? Call (705)7335154 for professional sewer and drain cleaning in Innisfil.

Is your drain system properly maintained? It’s recommended to have your sewer and drain lines cleared out at least once every two to three years. Regular cleaning will help prevent clogs from developing. But if they do, you can rest assured that they will be removed using the most effective drain cleaning methods. We provide professional clog removal for residents throughout innisfil and surrounding areas

What Causes Drain Clogs?

Over time, drain lines can gather organic debris and other matter, creating clogs. Soap scum, hair, and toilet paper all contribute to blockages in your pipeline. Symptoms of clogging include slow to empty drains, garbage disposals that fail to eliminate waste properly, low water pressure in your faucets, and a backed up sink or toilet. Professional drain cleaning is recommended to fix the problem.

How Do You Locate Clogs Within the Pipe System?

Our technicians can also diagnose severe issues such as damage to your sewer system, including the septic tank and drainfield. A video pipe inspection will also be performed to locate blockages and damage deep in your plumbing lines. Fixing problems deep in your system often requires more advanced solutions, such as hydrojetting. These high-pressure cleaning services can remove even the most stubborn clogs without damaging the interior of your pipes.

When you work with us, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your drain cleaning job will be completed properly. Once we are through with the cleaning, you can check the effectiveness of our service in different ways. You can run water from the faucet through the system so you can see how fast the water is running through the drain. You can do the same with the toilet. We will also show you video footage of your pipes after the cleaning. Lastly, you can check the color of the water, which should be clear with no foreign material. The drains should also not emit a foul odor, and the water pressure from the tap should be at a normal level.

Are You Maintaining Your Drains?

Drain cleaning should be a regular part of your plumbing maintenance system. Our technicians will gladly offer advice on how to best maintain your drains and keep them from clogs and damage. Clear drains can help minimize the chances of your pipes becoming damaged.

Extend the life your pipe system—as well as that of your overall plumbing system—with timely drain cleaning services. Call us today at (705)7335154 for immediate service at a great value.