Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Richmond Hill

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One of the most common plumbing problems we handle is a clogged sewer or drain. If your sink is draining too slowly, your toilet is clogged, or you notice sewer backing up in your yard, call us for help! We serve residents in Richmond Hill, ON. and surrounding areas.

What Causes Clogged Drains and Sewers?

Some of the more common causes of clogged drains and sewers include a buildup of hair, grease, food, and soap scum. Hair is especially damaging because it can build up slowly over time, causing decreased water pressure; when a large amount of built up hair gets wrapped up in your pipeline, a blockage will occur.

Tree roots that find their way into your sewer lines can also cause clogs. This is particularly true of clay sewer pipes. The smallest cracks in your sewer line can allow tree roots to break in and grow, which can block the normal flow of waste and water. This will eventually affect the efficiency of your toilets and sinks.

How Often Do You Need Drain and Sewer Cleaning?

Regular plumbing maintenance is important. For homes that experience frequent clogging, maintenance is particularly important to prevent extensive damage over time. We recommend cleaning your sewer and drain lines once every two to three years.

How Do We Fix Clogged Drains and Sewers?

In most cases, a drain snake is enough to remove a clog. For more stubborn clogs, you may want to consider hydrojetting. Hydrojetting is an extremely effective way of clearing your pipes of debris that have been clinging to your system for several years.

At M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing, we focus on fixing your sewer and drain problems as quickly and effectively as possible so you can get back to your normal routine. We pride ourselves on our expert technicians who are quick to diagnose the source of your clogged drain or sewer and unblock the obstruction in a safe and effective manner.

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