Sewer and Drain Repair in Schomberg

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Drain backups occur due to several reasons: your pipes are clogged, tree roots have invaded your pipes, or there are cracks or breaks in your sewer or drain line. Knowing what is causing the problem will help you prepare for the necessary repair, as well as help you understand how to prevent problems from recurring in the future. Our technicians are ready to get to the source of your sewer and drain problems so you can get back to your normal routine in no time. We serve residents throughout Schomberg and surrounding areas. See what your neighbors are saying about our work!

Have You Been Using Store-Bought Drain Cleaners?

Over the counter drain solutions have proven to be more harmful for your drains. They can speed up the deterioration of your pipes if used every time you experience a clog. While these products do work in the short term, your drains are liable to become clogged again without an effective, long-lasting solution. Broken pipes and pipe collapses are often responsible for drainage problems, and a store-bought chemical cleaner will not repair that kind of damage.

Are Tree Roots Growing Through Your Pipes?

We briefly mentioned tree root invasion as one of the causes of drain and sewer backup. Tree roots are attracted to the water flowing through your pipe system. If there is even the tiniest crack or break in your pipeline, these roots will find their way inside your system. Once the tree roots have settled in your pipes, your drain and sewer lines will not be able to allow for the smooth flow of water and waste.

So how do you avoid this tree root problem?

We suggest having regular pipe inspections at least once every two to three years. If you have a large tree near your sewer pipes, you may want to consider removing the tree and replanting it in a more convenient location.

Have Your Pipes Been Damaged in the Past?

Water damage can greatly affect the pipes in your drain and sewer lines. Flooding, in addition to inadequate drainage systems, can cause pressure to build up in your pipes. This pressure can weaken the sewage system and lead your pipes to collapse or even break. Our technicians will be able to determine if you need to install a temporary pipe; this temporary support will help relieve the pressure and prevent the pipe from further collapsing or breaking.

What Are Practical Tips For Maintaining Drain and Sewer Lines in Schomberg?

Practicing green living at home can help improve the efficiency of your sewage system. Simple actions such as refraining from pouring oil and grease down our kitchen sink, watching how much food we throw down the garbage disposal, and limiting the amount of toilet paper we flush down can all help our drains in the long run. Refraining from using over the counter drain cleaners (with chemicals may be damaging to your pipes and the environment) is also a great way to keep your plumbing system healthy.

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