Toilet Repair and Installation in Schomberg

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Your toilet is one of the most commonly used fixtures in your home, and it is also coincidentally what drives up your water bill when it is broken. If your toilet is damaged or on the verge of breaking down, let us handle the problem for you! A good working toilet will help you save on wasted water. Whether you are looking to repair a damaged unit or replace your existing toilet with a more efficient one, we have you covered! Our technicians serve Schomberg and surrounding areas.

Is Your Toilet Leaking or Clogged?

Two of the most common toilet problems include leaks and clogs.

If your toilet is leaking, it is usually because the back end of the toilet’s connection screw has rusted through. The fill tank might also be running into problems, causing your toilet to leak and run, which in turn leads to increased water bills.

Did you accidentally flush down too much toilet paper or something else that your drain pipes aren’t able to handle? Your pipes are designed to accommodate water and waste. Other foreign objects that get flushed down will cause significant clogging that will require professional assistance to remove.

What Kind of Toilet Should I Install?

If it is time for you to replace your toilet, we have recommendations on high-efficiency models that can benefit your home and your wallet!

Toilets are often broken down into single-flush, dual-flush, and pressure-assist types. Each of these types comes with their pros and cons, but we will help you consider all of the options and features so you can make an informed decision.

single-flush toilet typically has a flush amount of 1.6 gallons. Low-flow toilets can cut down on this amount, but this often reduces the pressure and the amount of water, which are necessary for water-based deposits. Having to flush the toilet twice in order to push everything through does not help cut down costs and increases your water consumption.

The dual-flush toilet has two different flush options. For just liquids, the toilet uses 0.8 gallons; for flushing solid waste, the toilet uses 1.6 gallons. This dual-flush feature allows you to save when flushing just liquids, as this does not require much water.

pressure-assist toilet uses one gallon of water for every flush, which allows you to save more water on average over the course of the unit’s life. This type of toilet does not need as much water because it uses pressure to force the waste down the drain. Air trapped inside the back of the fill tank helps with this process, which significantly improves the flush power. This toilet option is usually more costly, but it also helps save the most water over time.

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