Toilet Installation and Repair in Aurora

Looking for professional toilet installation and repair? Call (705)7335154 for immediate assistance in Aurora, ON. 

Get complete customer satisfaction when you work with M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing. We provide expert toilet installation and repair services in Aurora and surrounding areas . Our technicians will provide accurate assessments of common and not-so-common toilet problems. We also install high efficiency toilet units, including dual-flush and low-flow models that can save you on your monthly water bills.

Need a New Toilet Installed in Aurora?

We recommend replacing your old toilet if you notice any cracks in the bowl. Another reason to replace your toilet is if it is outdated and not up to code.

Other common toilet problems will simply require a repair:

  • A float cup that is no longer working

  • A pull rod that is broken or that sticks

  • A clogged fill tube and overflow pipe

  • A handle lever that does not work

Repairing Your Toilet the Right Way

Because the toilet tank is where most major problems occur—either due to age or mechanical break down—it is best to have a technician perform the repair. We will make sure that all necessary parts are repaired or replaced properly. We handle the problem correctly the first time, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your toilet unit is safe to use for the long term.

Call us at (705)7335154 in Aurorafor fast, effective toilet repairs and replacements guaranteed to meet local code. Schedule an appointment today for a FREE in-home estimate!