Toilet Repair and Installation in Innisfil

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Diagnosing common toilet problems is easy—fixing the problem effectively is another issue. Our technicians have extensive experience repairing all types of toilet problems, as well as replacing units that are damaged or aged beyond repair. We serve residents in Innisfil and surrounding areas in Ontario. Read on to learn more about common toilet problems to look out for and our professional solutions.

Is Your Toilet Constantly Running or Mysteriously Flushing?

Here are a few toilet problems you may experience over time:

Constantly running toilet: This is caused by a torn rubber valve located at the lower part of the tank. This valve needs to be replaced to prevent loss of water.

Phantom flushing: This causes the toilet tank to fill with water as if someone just flushed the toilet. This is a sign that the tank is leaking. Our technicians will perform the necessary tests to see if the flapper is sealing completely or not. We will help you determine if it’s time to install a new flapper.

Drop in bowl water level: You flush the toilet, and after a period of time, there is a significant reduction in the amount of water in the bowl. There may be toilet paper or other item stuck in the drain system that is causing the problem. Our technicians can remove the blockage using a drain snake or auger.

Broken lift chain or flush handle: A tangled, loose, or broken lift chain can prevent your toilet from flushing, as will a defective or cracked flush handle. Our technicians will determine if these parts will need to be replaced.

Have You Been Maintaining Your Toilet Unit?

Toilet problems can be prevented with routine maintenance. Our technicians will help detect minor problems and defects in the system before they have a chance to develop into costly damage and repairs.

We understand that a faulty toilet unit can create a stressful and inconvenient situation. Whether you have a leak or a faulty valve, contact us to repair the problem as soon as possible.

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