Toilet Repair and Installation in Uxbridge

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When you think about your toilet, you probably don’t think about it breaking. While your toilet is built to be sturdy and reliable, it is actually a complex piece of equipment, and it can malfunction. When this occurs you are left with the inconvenience of a damaged toilet and the discomfort of looking for repair services. Luckily for you M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing is available for all of your plumbing needs in the Uxbridge, ON. area! Call us today and get immediate toilet repair solutions today.

How Can a Toilet Become Damaged?

Toilets generally break in a few specific ways, the most serious of which is a crack in the porcelain. Leaks are another common malfunction, usually resulting from the toilet being improperly bolted to the floor, or by a malfunction in the toilet tank. Serious clogs can also cause issues in the toilet and eventually create problems in the plumbing. No matter which issue you are facing getting professional repair solutions is always imperative. If any of these issues are left unaddressed it can result in extensive and expensive repair services.

What is The Professional Repair Process For A Toilet?

When you contact us for help with a malfunctioning toilet, the first thing we do is look at it and decide whether your toilet needs to be replaced or repaired. Repairing your toilet generally involves an all-around pick me up. We replace cracked and peeling rubber seals, tighten the bolts holding your toilet to the floor (or replace them completely if they’re badly rusted), and replace the mechanisms in your toilet tank. We can take care of general toilet repairs quickly and easily; this kind of simple maintenance can extend your toilet’s life for years. In the event of a crack or another severe problem, we’ll have to replace the entire toilet. This is a bit more work, but we can still do it quickly and reliably.

What is The Professional Installation Process For A Toilet?

First we have to procure a replacement. This will entail a little shopping on your part; in terms of quality and price, all toilets are not created equal. We recommend you purchase the best toilet that you can afford, and that your plumbing can handle. Then we have to remove your existing toilet without causing damage to the tiles or flooring in the area. This is as simple as unbolting your toilet from the floor, digging out the rubber sealant bonding it to the floor, and unhooking it from the inbound and outbound plumbing. After your old toilet’s out, we’ll start installing your new one. First we’ll make sure that your waste outflow is in working order and fitted properly. Then, we’ll install fresh seals and bolts before we bring in the toilet itself. We’ll make sure everything’s level, and then we’ll put the toilet itself together. Then we’ll hook your toilet up to the plumbing, make sure that everything’s snug and works properly.

What Is The Importance of Professional Services?

By employing professional services for the installation of your homes toilet you can ensure that your toilet is installed to the highest standard possible. Our technicians will guarantee the best functionality and use for the space in your bathroom. Once the toilet is installed we will also ensure that it is working and everything is put together correctly. By doing so you can have peace of mind knowing your toilet won’t spring a leak the very next day. At M.A.C. Stewart Plumbing our number one goal is to ensure that your toilet works and is going to last.

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